Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I have found a type of shopping that I do not enjoy.  Sports Direct shopping. Shudder.  We had to buy Tey some trainers for school at the weekend, hers were far too small - so small that she finally admitted it, no mean feat there.  So, refusing to pay Clarks' prices, we took a deep breath and ventured in to Sports direct.  Wow what a horror - there were literally mountains of boxes of shoes and sportswear everywhere.  So, we headed for the back wall and after 10 minutes of arguing about which ones she could have (too pink/ clumpy/ boring - her - too expensive/ nasty/ masculine - Me!) we narrowed it down to 2 pairs, only to find that,once I had flagged down a prepubescent assistant, they were out of stock of both!  Naturally.  So, I set to in the trainer mountains, pulling out as many pairs of size 3 that were reasonably acceptable - and let her choose.  I am happy to report that she settled on a reasonable grey and white pair of tennis shoes, and they were in the sale at £7!  So, thankful for small mercies, you couldn't get me out of there quick enough.  I rather feel that those types of sports shops don't attract 'sports' personnel, but that is me simply judging by the amount of vastly elasticated waistbands...

And I officially cannot be left home alone, with iPad, as I shop! Argh argh no I am on a ban!!!!! Yet still I shop, too easy you see.. I seem to have purchased a new iPad case and a beautiful candle.. Curses..  To be fair I am out of scented candles, downstairs, but all the same it is not a great excuse is it?  Oh, and my Zara shopper came and I LOVE it, it is a fantastic size and is going to be so useful and go with everything, I feel that cost per wear shall be negligible, very quickly.  So, that really is it now, I am over SS already and am looking forward to AW12, hell it is cold enough for autumn wear so why the hell not.   Off to do a bit of previewing ;)

Pretty Candle

DIPTYQUE Feuille de Lavande scented candle

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