Saturday, November 12, 2005

So women up and down the country were literally fighting eachother for the new Stella Mccartney range in H&M.. Mum and i went to have a look yesterday in Bluewater, there was hardly anything left and what was looked uninspiring and overpriced.. oh the covet of that designer label...

Still having a dilemma regarding stylish wedding outfit for 2 weeks time.. Really worried that i will freeze if i am not careful, but i need to look as stunning as possible! Nightmare.. who gets married in November?!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Got a text message yesterday from my lovely Northern bird, it read 'describe me in 1 word - only 1 - reply to me and then send this msg on to 10 friends to see what strange things people think about you!'

OK so i know this is a blatent money making excercise for the already obscenely rich mobile providers but hell - gave it a go anyway..

Here are my replies so far

Star, loving, loyal, bubbly and sociable

So far sounding pretty popular...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Memoirs Of a Geisha is coming out as a film on 13th Jan 2006

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Seven things I want to do before i die

1. Be successful in my job
2. Be completely comfortable about how I look
3. Go brunette
4. Go down in a cage with Great White Sharks
5. Take my daughter to lapland
6. Learn to surf
7. Write a book

Seven things I can do:
1. Shop
2. Ride a horse
3. Cook
4. Speak another language
5. Sell sex toys
6. Love
7. The crab

Seven things I can not do:
1. DIY
2. Scream
3. write html
4. Knit
5. Touch my nose with my tongue
6. Not flirt!
7. Surf

Seven things that I find really attractive about the opposite sex:
1. Intelligence
2. Confidence
3. Shoulders and back
4. Eyes
5. Dirty mind
6. Smell
7. Attitude

Seven books I love:
1. Chocolat
2. All Vorginia Andrews Heaven series
3. All Harry Potter
4. Forever
5. Belle Du Jour
6. The Worst Witch
7. Shopaholic series
well here i am working again - what is up with the weather today? It is as black as night out there...

Anyway its a slow day in the world of lingerie today, luckily i had time to pop out for a sneaky glass of Vino with the Ginger One again.. cant be too bad. Do you know there are approx 800Kcal in one bottle of wine - crikey! And only 2 1/2 weeks till major wedding weekend.. Booked hotel today for the Saturday bash in Hants, looks lovely.. now i need to buy dress and find shoes.. ouch, credit card beware, you will be hammered this month!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Welcome to my world!

So its 1150 and i am working, would definately rather not be here but hey.. Why is it that women who really shouldn't, try attempt to shoe horn themselves in to items of clothing that are blatently too small? I have just had an interesting encounter with a woman/corset.. somewhat early for the amount of flesh that i was subjected to on a Saturday morning...

I have just been asked if i can recommend any local escorts!!! I mean WTF?? Ok i am in the adult industry, but i sell vibrators not women ;) men eh? I told him to get the Surrey Ad and go home!

Right im shutting the doors for 1/2 hr so i can sneak accross the road for a chardonnay and gossip with my lovely ginger pal....