Saturday, July 14, 2012

James Martin, my bed and latest lusts!

So, my 'good' leg is now agony from being the main support structure for the rest of my body, deep joy, so painful in fact that I didn't get up until 11am this morning, so grateful to the hub for getting up and sorting the kids out for me, he is even getting better at putting outfits together based on my descriptions. At least I got to spend the morning with James Martin, I do love a bit of Saturday kitchen and I hardly ever get to watch it! Typical that it is now finished for the summer, although we do get best bits throughout the holidays, that's a bonus.

So, most of the day doing not much leads me to the magical world of Internet shopping, and although I did buy a much needed pair of black ballet pumps, I have had to put the Tory Birch plans to one side for now, too many demands on the ££ and these Sam Endleman beauties were only £35 from Brandalley - mind you I have to wait until the 2nd week in August for them..Sam Edelman SS Black Snakeskin Jewelled Pumps

I have also put these bits on my lust list; This DIVINE All Saints Walker leather jacket, will I ever take the plunge and buy a decent leather jacket?

These Sam Endleman wedges and a DVF bikini that I can't seem to copy correctly!  Also spoke to my sis this morning, can't wait to see her, she comes home for Emily and Barney's wedding at the weekend, yippee! I won't get to spend that much time with her sadly as she has duties but she is coming straight here from Heathrow on Thursday eve and I plan a big welcome home supper and lots of fizz to celebrate.  On the subject of weddings our friends Olivia and & Matt also get married on Saturday, please please keep your fingers crossed that I am off my crutches by then, otherwise my outfit choices are seriously limited!  To be honest I haven't even really thought about what I am going to wear, it isn't the full day - just the evening and it is isn't mega formal - and I don't really have anything suitable!  Happily I have bought their wedding present though, Mr & Mrs Mugs courtesy of Emma Bridgewater, I have these and they are really cute, if rather twee, and a couple of polka dot bits from their list too.  Now it is just gifts for the teachers that I need to sort, I cannot believe that the end of term has come around so quickly.

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