Monday, March 23, 2009

My rants for the day 1) Baby in Breech and 2) Estate Agents!

I have had yet another night of zero sleep. I found out at my trip to see the Midwife on Friday that baby boy Neill is in breech - and the fact that he has been in that position since my 32 week scan does not bode well for him turning! So, I have been advised of numerous different excercises I can try to get the boy to turn, including going around on all fours (not easy when suffering from SPD, quite apart from the large belly!) and sitting with a big of peas (or wine cooler in this house, have more of those than peas) on the top of my bump to try and encourage him to move away from the cold. Well, it is now Tuesday morning and I have been trying a combination of all the advised excercises and I can honestly say I am not convinced he has budged an inch. So, I have been warned that this last episode could end up in planned C -section, but first I would have an ECV - this means i will go in to hospital, have an injection to relax my muscles and then have the consultant attempt to manually move baby round inside me - now, I know I am a real worrier but this just doesnt appeal. So, I am having to be brave and open my mind to the thought of a sunroof exit.. I have been given lots of great advice from a lovely collection of ladies, and I have to say I am feeling much better about the whole thing, but I am still not sleeping..

Now on to Estate Agents. So, we are supposed to be in times of economic hardship and the housing market is falling quicker than Gordon Brown's popularity, yet this doesn't seem to be taking its toll on the agents in Surrey. We have had our house on the market since the beginning of the year and have been to view a total of around 20 + properties and I can honestly say that with the exception of the lovely chaps at B&W - EVERY ONE has been late for the viewings!! Quite apart from this, their professionalism has been called in to question on more than one occasion and I am more convinced than ever that they will only work in their own best interest. Now I know that it is a dog eat dog world etc etc but seriously where have the ethics gone? We are just about to move agents (after being tied in to a ridiculous notice period with our original and very poor choice) and my only requests to them on instruction were as follows; 1) Please communicate with me - if you can't get viewings or if you think we need to change anything about the marketing - JUST TELL ME and 2) No bullshit. If they can do both of these I will pay their fee with pleasure.. I am 8 months pregnant and feisty at the best of times, so they have been warned. They take over on Saturday - so watch this space :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AH the joys of 'The Bay'! Let me explain. Being off work on Maternity leave means that 1) I have a million and one things that I *need* (would really like) to get done before baby boy arrives 2) I need to be saving pennies or making them 3) My hours of the day in front of the computer screen should be significantly reduced.

Alas old habits die hard, and the shopaholic in me takes a lot of supression. I am working impressively through my to do list, but unfortunately that also means listing unwanted items on the bay. This obviously leads to vast amounts of time at the computer listing, uploading, invoicing etc - which leaves me wide open to all of the shopping opportunities that present themselves with a simple search.. So far I have sold about £70 worth of 'stuff' and have managed to purchase the following;

Antique storage chest/ coffee table
Wax Sticks (for table hubby bought on the same site!)
Cath Kidston fabric
Cupcake cases with pretty hearts on them

BUT I am also watching

Oliver Peoples Sunnies
Vintage telephone
Glider chair
Formes Maternity Dress
Dualit hand mixer

To name but a few! At this rate I will be spending more than I am earning - but hey, there are some great bargains to be had if you have hours to trawl through ( I know strictly I don't but you know what I mean) yes a lot of it is tat, but the hunting is addictive - and yes there are a lot of things that I *need* as a lady of new found leisure ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ah ha the sun is shining and the sky is blue - quelle belle jour! Spring is here, and despite the fact that my step isn't actually springing (wretched SPD) I feel so much brighter with the sunshine in the sky.

So, after waking up to this gorgeous day and depositing my daughter at breakfast club in a bastardisation of my pyjamas (ah the shame) I got myself showered and decided it was time I looked at the more summery options in my maternity wardrobe. As I pulled the drawers apart I happened upon some items my lovely little sis had passed on to me following her pregnancy last year, and after careful consideration, decided upon the lovely white short sleeved isabella oliver wrap top that she had lent me, to team with my wide leg jeans and ballet pumps with huge sunnies. Good choice. Now, here is where the story gets tricky - what she had failed to lend me was the army of servants necessary for getting my 8 month pregnant self in to the aforementioned top.. So, I have my arms in and am now holding the eqvivalent of two single bed sheets in each hand and attempting to 'wrap' them around slinkily not only my 32E's but my great belly too.. no mean feat - no matter how I attempted to wrap, I simply didnt have enough hands or flexibility to complete the task as the catalogue suggests, and at the end of it i just looked like a red faced lumpy Mummy of the aincient egyptian rather than modern yummy kind. Not good. With a sigh i unwound the whole lot, dumped it on the bed and selected black leggings and a black shift dress - perhaps I am not quite ready for summer dressing after all!

NOTE - quite apart from actually wearing the thing - if anyone would like to enlighten me as to how long the darn article takes to iron I would be most amused to find out! Let's just say that the ironing in this house is a blue job and my hubby would be less than impressed to find himself hauling the seemingly innocent top out of the ironing pile..