Thursday, August 02, 2012

Things that I am loving..

There are so many things at the moment that I am loving, mostly the Olympics and the fact that both my little ones are absolutely captivated by it all!  Teya hasn't stopped practicing gym displays and Zach is racing about all over the place playing 'Limpix' love them.  Hubs took Teya to see the road race come through Ripley last weekend, they cycled down with David and met Ram and Rehan, and they got a front row spot to cheer on the riders, what a fantastic experience.  It is such a shame that we can't get any other tickets, not even for the Olympic park :( but we are going to go up to London to soak up some of that atmosphere very soon.  The BBC are doing a fantastic job of the coverage too and the great British pride has got to be at an all time high!  I have to admit that I really wasn't too fussed about the whole 2012 hype - but from the moment the Opening Ceremony started at 9pm last Friday night I was hooked, what an incredible show that was, it just made me want to keep watching and not miss a moment of our amazing atheletes' stellar performances.   I don't want it to end.

I am also loving this fab bright scarf that I picked up for £4 in Primark, bargain...

 ....and I am very much loving the fact that I am back riding Baz and my foot is holding up really well.  I gave Teya her first lesson on Baz at the weekend too and she did brilliantly, he was very good for her and they look perfect together.  My very own gold stars..