Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a few days!!! Wow - we have been so very busy on the house and all is - if I do say so myself - looking fabulous!! We have the curtains, bloody beautiful curtains, up in the lounge - and the room is transformed. It looks stunning and so homely now. I have bought a great new cofee table from ebay that I m ain the middle of painting the top of and will be doing the big mirroe and the other side table to match!

The gorgeous and hugely smiley Birley came over for lunch in the snow today - was a great afternoon. She is a very happy lady, has met a fab sounding chap whose name is Winston - yes, it is a huge temptation to shout WIINNNNSTAAANNNNN in a quasai Jamacian accent but hell, he sounds just perfect fpr her and I am beyond over the moon for her.. watch this space..

Only 3 more sleeps til Rigs and baby Droo arrive - oohhh cant wait! All is ready for their arrival and my wonderful husband has even booked us both in for a wash and blow dry at Toni and Guy at 12pm on Xmas eve so that we can look stunning for Xmas.. and he is not only paying but is also looking after the 3 kids! I am definately married to the most amazingly thoughtful man in the world. I love him with all that I am.....

Friday, December 11, 2009

My husband snores on the sofa opposite me - so I have been in my pink place - cherrrist that sounds rude :) but I am talking about an internet forum, nowhere else!!

I feel compelled to just type down a few feelings that I would like to express -because a lot of the lovey friends I have met have experienced a miscarriage, they have lost longed for babies and that is something that I just cannot imagine. I know of my own heartache, from simply trying for a baby for so long.. and yes, it may have taken us longer second time around that we would have imagined, but we didn't lose our longed for baby. I take my hat off to all the wonderful women that I 'know' who are so bloody brave and strong after losing their babies. Life can be so cruel yet they stand up to it square in the face and beat it, most of the wonderful women I know have gone on to expand their families, yet their lost ones are never forgotton. I salute you, and I celebrate the brief time your loved ones were here.

Thank you ladies for being an inspiration, all my lots of humbling love to you all xxx
OK I am not giving up alcohol again - 2 weeks ago I decided to stop the wine for a few days and on day 3 I got flu! Flu so bad that I was dripping with sweat and freezing for 4 days. I haven't felt so bad for 10 years, honestly it was awful. Anyway, since I have recovered I dare not go a day without wine, and I am fighting fit!

So, now I am back to myself, I have been flat out for xmas, my cards are written and posted, my presents are all bought and mostly wrapped, the trees are up, the house is decorated (ok yes thre is more work to be done but hell I am happy with what we have so far..) the menu is sorted, the food is ordered from M&S and the itinerary is sussed. I feel so chuffed, and am so looking forward to the festivities I am buzzing!! I will miss my beautiful black cat this year though, he always loves Christmas, the heat and the merriment and the abundance of laps to kip on. My darling Flik, we will miss you every second xx