Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Strange things I have googled & a great Muffin Top!

Oh the wonder of the internet, I love the fact that so much info is just a few clicks away, just brilliant!  This week has been a very strange one for me - I have had loads on, both at work and at home and it doesn't feel as though I have stopped yet, oh and help it is only Wednesday.. Still, all good for the most part, I went down Mill Lane to the log man to collect my load for the winter, wow what a task that is, it took quite a while to fill the back of my old Bertie (back seats down!) and even longer to unload and stack at home, but all done now and we are all set for the winter :) Not that it looks remotely wintery today, it is a stunner of a day,

I took the car to be cleaned (post log escapade) and the dog for a walk along the canal (above pic), which lead to my second strange google;

'How do I stop my Labrador rolling in poo?' It appears that short of keeping him on a lead the whole time, I can't.  Bugger.  OK, I get it is the whole masking the scent thing but FFS Cal FOX POO HONKS.  For the second time this week I have had to fill a bucket full of shampoo and hot water and wash him down when I got home. Gross.  Doesn't look as though he gives a rat's mind you.  Still, good job it is mild out, he has been banished until he is dry!

The first google of the day was;

'How do I remove old shower sealant?' oh yes, another glamorous blue job that I MUST undertake because my Sister, Andrea and Andrew get home today, hooray! The shower sealant in the family bathroom needs replacing, pronto, which means that I have to do it.  So, my google search shows that the best way to remove it is by spraying it with WD40, leaving it a while and then scrubbing it off - and it WORKS!  I was so impressed!  No to re do it, I have purchased an 'easy sealant gun' and I think that will be this afternoon's job, once my paid work is done.

So, back top my sister's impending arrival - it is her 30th on Monday so a weekend of fun and merriment is ahead of us!  I cannot wait to have them back and the kids are super excited too which is lovely.  I am doing the kids roast chicken later and we shall have fizz and nibbles, so all is good.  On the subject of meals I made this amazing stew last week, inspired by one of the lovely ladies on a forum that I still visit occasionally but used to be addicted to.. Do try it, it is very easy and delish, a perfect winter warmer

Muffin Topped Winter Beef Stew (pic nabbed from BBC Good Food)

Muffin-topped winter beef stew