Thursday, April 28, 2011

OK I am getting ridiculously excited now! Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding, and Kate Middleton finally gets to marry her Prince - woohoooo..

I am listening to Radio 1 and Fearne Cotton is in London meeting all the people who have travelled to be at the event and it sounds fantastic, what an atmosphere. I have baked my cupcakes, in their union jack cases (!) and have started on my vol au vent fillings for the 72 that I will be assembling first thing before getting frocked up and skipping down to Vapery lane with my minis in tow for Janet's English Garden Party! Cannot wait.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I do love this stunning weather (despite being inside and working presently) the only thing that gets me really hot and bothered though is the great British public's choice in attire. Do some people look in the mirror before leaving the house??!

My rules for summer dressing are as follows;


1) Plastic bra straps are NEVER acceptable. Either wear strapless or wear a pretty bra underneath, a nice (clean!!!) bra strap is always forgiven.
2) Please shave/wax/ epilate in some way shape or form, we are not continental and straggly arm pit hair is revolting. Ditto leg hair - please remove it, oh and that includes the back of your legs please!
3) If last year's summer clothes are too small, try not to squeeze in to them.
4) Fake tan is OK, if applied properly, but do wash your hands well after lathering up.
5) Cutesy cartoon tee's are best left to those under the age of 5.
6) Step away from Crocs unless you want to say goodbye to your sex life for good.
7) If you are going to expose your toes, have a pedicure (or at very least make sure you have clean feet and toenails!)


1) Only ever take off your top in the privacy of your own home, and please do not drive shirtless.
2) Use a decent deodorant
3) As per no 5 above, steer clear of cutesy tees
4)Ditto ones with inappropriate innuendo, making small talk at the school gates with a man wearing a tshirt that proclaims 'I like to be Down Under, probing through the hot bush' makes me feel rather nauseous.
5) No socks with your sandals
6) Clean feet at all time too please.

Here's to a summer of harmony!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bride and Groom! Winter Gardens April 14th 2011

I am black in the bloggersphere! Hello everyone, hope you have had a great couple of weeks in my absence..

Florida was fantastic! We had an incredible and memorable holiday, everything was just wonderful. My BF's wedding was a superb day, perfect weather and a stunning setting for the ceremony, and the bride looked exquisite in Jenny Packham and a grin from ear to ear! I have to admit to shedding a few tears as I saw her being led down the 'aisle' by her Dad, such an emo I am. Great celebrations lead way to Jay, Jude and I disappearing off down to Key West for some R&R after the excitement of Orlando and more notably the theme parks and restaurants (we did Magic Kingdom, Seaworld and Islands of Adventure) and the whole trip was just brilliant.

It was also rather pleasant to return to such beautiful english weather (!!) on my baby boy's 2nd Birthday! How the time has flown. Granny and Grandad came over in the evening for champagne and birthday cake (well easter cakes with 2 candles in them as I ran out of time to bake or buy) and then, following a 14 hour sleep we spent a great Easter weekend with friends and family.

Back to work and school today though, reality hits hard, it was a struggle getting everyone up and out of the door this morning..

Monday, April 04, 2011

"The best surprise EVER Mummy!!!"

Was Teya's reaction when she found out that our surprise in London was in fact going to see the Wizard of Oz at the Palladium! What a fab show - it was really wonderful, very cleverly done, fantastic set and the cast were magnificent - full of energy and a clear passion for being there. The theatre has had a makeover too and was stunning. Highly recommend it, especially if your little girls, or you, were huge fans of the BBC1 show last year - it is a real treat, oh and Teya wore her ruby slippers :)

Whilst in the smoke I did a spot of shopping on Regent St, admired lots of beautiful things in Michael Kors - but resisted! Did pick up a dress for the wedding in Zara but am yet to try it on........ here's hoping. I cannot believe that we fly out to Florida in 6 days - operation get set for holiday has started, husband currently ironing !!

Friday, April 01, 2011

My poor hubby took a nasty tumble off his bike whilst off roading this morning.. have a feeling that is going to be very sore tomorrow - looks painful and he managed to knock himself out at the same time poor lovely..

My patience paid off, this morning I won a gorgeous vintage Mulberry satchel bag on Ebay - I have been fantasising about it for a week and now IT IS MINE!!!! I am waiting for another bag to finish later and I will post pics when my beauties arrive (providing I win the second lol) v chuffed.

Off to the pub for kids tea with Saf and her brood later which should be lovely, the work on their house is still ongoing and she has been without a kitchen for 3 weeks now, eek!

Happy Friday all xx