Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally, we have decided on a name! Zach Benjamin Rufus John :) I have even been to register his birth so it is official. I am so so happy with my little man, he is an absolute treasure and makes me feel so very lucky and complete. Teya is being a fantastic big sister too, she is really helpful despite being as demanding as ever herself hee hee, and she has so much love for her baby bunny as she calls him, it melts my heart.

Happy 32nd wedding anniversary to the Rentals! Gosh 32 years, and they are still in love and an inspiration to all couples out there. I couldn't function without the love and support of my wonderful parents, so here is a huge thank you and lots of love from me.. Not that they will ever see this - but it is feels right to mark the occasion. I have always aspired to have a marriage like theirs, and I do hope I will be as good an example to my children as they have been to my Sister and I.

Talking of my Mum, we were in town yesterday doing some shopping and a potter about - Zach was in his car seat as I couldnt be arsed with the buggy (and he looks beyond tiny in it!) and Mum had the joy of lugging him about as I am still feeling rather ouch from the c section. Anyway, it was amazing how many people stopped us to coo over the baby, yet even more amazing that most actually assumed he was MUM'S!! I mean I know I still have the face of a teenager, but my Mum is 54 FFS!! It was so very funny.