Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What an eventful time! It was so wonderful having my sister and Andrew home, well aside from the fact that on day 5 she broke her ankle.. Nightmare - we suddenly found ourselves sourcing wheelchairs and reading the small print on airline T's & C's. No she didn't have travel insurance and yes my Dad had to fork out for 2 extra flights, one to send Mum back with her last Friday, and one to bring Mum back home next week (BA won't honour the return flight if you don't use your outbound one, apparently!) So, it has been a tad stressful but we did have a great time, and it was just lovely having them here.

So, today is the last day before we fly out to join them in Italy, it is almost 40 degrees in Orvieto at the moment, at least 25 degrees hotter than it is here right now, I even had the fire on last night as it was so chilly. We are all packed, just the kids carry on to finalise and Teya and I are booked in for our mani/pedis later (well she is only having a paint) oh and Steve is having his hooves done too - then it is an early night before a 3.45am start with our buddies tomorrow, Heathrow T5, here we come..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FINALLY FINALLY at 1am this morning my sister and Andrew arrived home, safe and sound!! I am working like a loony this morning to get everything done so that I can spend from 3.30 with them - they are all coming over to mine for a play in the garden and kid's tea, no doubt there will be some fizz for us and a great long chat, I am so so so looking forward to seeing them.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Firstly I would like to say sorry to you all, readers, I know I haven't exactly posted happy news recently.. I can't quite remember how it came about (wine filled night at Amy's with Saf and Janet) but the it transpires that the lovely M - one of Teya's best friends' Dads - has just been diagnosed with leukemia. I don't think that I have the eloquence to vocalise the thoughts in my head to the wonderful D family but honestly my heart breaks for them, I pray that M gets better and I send my love to them all. It makes what I am living with almost laughable, except that all I can do is live with it, and remember to try to laugh.

I am dreading tomorrow, I have a shitty day ahead - but as I have described, it could be much worse. Give your loved ones an extra big cuddle tonight xxxx

Thursday, August 04, 2011

As it is currently chucking it down out there (and blowing a gale!) I have decided to browse the new A/W collections that are trickling in.. OK I am also up ridiculously early because I can't sleep - but it is a good time to do some look book collation, whilst everyone sleeps and before I start work! So far I have this lot on my wish list;

A good trench coat

A fun bright jumper, am loving the idea of rusts/ burgundy etc to sort of carry on the brights theme from this summer (not that I have worn my brights very much admittedly!! )

A fabulous blouse (again similar colors - this is a major lust btw, not going to ever actually be mine!!)

And lastly a pair of ankle biker style boots similar to these; I tried these exact ones in Harvey Nichols back in March when I went for a fabulous day out with Amy, I was sooo tempted but I wasn't 100% about the gold buckles, even though they weren't bright gold I would def have preferred pewter/ gun metal grey. They are stunning though..

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What a crappy start to the week! Monday morning I went down to my yard to feed the horses only to find that, to my horror, Basil was nowhere to be seen.. Trying not to panic I then realised that I had left my phone at home too, so couldn't reach any help - and my yard is pretty isolated. Managed to get to my friend Cat's house (there was an accident in the village that prevented me getting home quickly) and she kindly lent me her phone... So, I started down the perimeter of the field with Ladybird looking mournful behind me- when I noticed that there was a black pony in the field opposite, through the dense woodland, so I shouted his name and lo and behold - there he was! Thank goodness! Only issue was that he had bust out through the barbed wire, which looked slightly as though it had been tampered with, looked a little odd but it is old fencing so I thought nothing more of it. Bless him he had cuts all over his chest but other than that, he seemed to be fine.

Later that evening Mum arrived on my doorstep asking if I had moved our saddles.. I hadn't of course, they had been stolen. Gutted. We assume that the thieves tampered with the wire enabling Baz's escape and took our most valuable assets. So angry though, we are just a little yard of two family horses, nothing flashy - why did they have to steal from us? So upset too because my saddle was Dusty's, a saddle that I saved for 5 months for when I was 18 so that she could have a fabulous one and Mum's was a gift from me to her to thank her for all the hard work that she put in to our wedding. So, I know they were just saddles, but they had sentimental value too. Well, it could have been worse and thank god both horses are OK.