Thursday, March 31, 2011

Every morning it is a struggle to get Spud in to her uniform - not physically (!) but she takes forever getting dressed and will dither and whinge the whole time, whilst I yell from various parts of the house for her to hurry up! Imagine my delight when, at 7.15 this am a fully dressed and clean Spud came bounding in to our bedroom... only slight problem is that today is school trip day, which requires leggings and a different top!! Bless her, of all the days! Was very funny though.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My day did not get off to a good start - some b*stard had fly tipped a load of crap right outside the entrance to my field! I was livid - happily the council are on their way to clear it up but seriously some people are just hideous. It wasn't just green stuff either (not that that is excusable) it was a load of old roofing felt, nails, plastic panels etc.. Not happy. On the plus side my hubby has managed, with the help of my Dad, to locate the whereabouts of his uncle's memorial. His plane was shot down in WW2 and his Mum has never really known what happened. So, we are taking her over to Runnymede on Saturday which will be lovely, in a strange way.. She is so chuffed that she is finally going to find out a bit more about her big brother. Afterwards we are taking her to lunch at in Sunningdale, so it should be a rather memorable day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I was officially up before the birds this morning.. my little boy had a nappy explosion at 5.30 this morning (!) and there was no hope of me sleeping after that.. So it is 7.20am and I have already typed up a customer report, cleaned up the kitchen, finished the washing up, compiled today's to do list, got kids' school bags ready and answered a couple of work related emails... might be time for a lie down shortly!! Oh no, got to go do the horses - no rest for the wicked ;)

Off to do more dog/pony training with Janet and our big kids after pick up - Baz is getting much better with Pops (she is a super star with him!) but he is still rather over excitable so here's hoping that a few more times of this and he will decide that there is no novelty factor left in dogs and will calm down. Mind you, he bust through the electric fence at the weekend so he really is a tough little cookie. Nearly time to start his proper training, that is going to be a shocker all round..

Monday, March 28, 2011

What a lovely weekend! Saturday saw us shopping for the last of our holiday bits (soo exciting, Teya has a new cross body bag too which makes her look like one of the Jack Wills 15 year old set EEEKKK but her choice of theme park bag!) followed by the Banga family joining us in the evening for a take away pizza and pyjama night in! Yesterday, Teya went riding in the morning and came home ravernous for her roast lunch - so we scoffed that down and went for a bike ride through the village and in to Brookwood cemetary. I forget how beautiful and how humbling that place is, it looked magnificent in the spring sunshine. Rounded that off with a trip to the pub next door for pinot and ice cream (former for us, latter for kids!) and caught up with Rob W whilst the kids caused havoc in the beer garden, superb... On way to review some policies at school now as part of my Gov duties, happy Monday all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Had a great evening last night with Mr and Mrs Wakers - great fun as ever, we ate local sausages from our butcher, put the world to rights, toasted their new house (about time too, it has to be one of the longest house purchase sagas in history!!) and planned out Florida holiday! We are all so excited about the whole thing, it is going to be superb. Here are some pics of where we are staying..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahh another working week! The Hen night went well, the Hen herself had a great time and it was altogether a good evening (despite the fact that the food didn't arrive till 10.45pm - when most of us had gone off the idea of eating!) not enough champagne really, but that was in reality only a good thing as I had to get back on the road at 9am to pick up my minis.. they had had a wonderful time being spoiled by Granny, and Kev ran a great half marathon at Reading, so sucess all round. Made a huge cottage pie for our supper and enjoyed some good Sauvignon before waving goodbye to another weekend.

Had felt car juddering for a few weeks now, it turns out that a front tyre was flat (oops) and so badly worn that when Kev went to inflate it yesterday it burst!! Cue much trauma around the changing of the tyre and me having to borrow tools from the lovely chaps at Bentley's garage in order for Kev to change the tyre! My poor little car limped in to their workshop finally yesterday afternoon and should be back with me at some point today, not looking forward to that bill..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am still undecided as to my outfit for Saturday night... as the agenda includes cocktails I am feeling that flats would be the best option, but Saturday night out without heels just seems wrong!

I do currently have these on my lust list mind you.. maybe that is why I am hankering towards flats?

Tory Burch pumps - above.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is now 4 days until my Best Buddy's Hen Night! Am really looking forward to celebrating with her and some of her other friends up in Worcester.. So yesterday I bought her photo album and her notebook from Paperchase and this afternoon I have been putting together all sorts of old photos of her from the past decade to present on Saturday night!

Planned outfit is still TBC.... Argh

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The sun is shining! It has to be a good day.. finally it feels as though we are emerging from the darkness in to spring and I am loving it. Still, it is bloody cold out there so all hail for my lovely hubby who bought me a pair of Dubarry boots yesterday, love him! They had £100 off, which is a great saving, although I appreciate that they weren't cheap to start with..

It is Pancake day today and Teya has stipulated that she wants plain jam pancakes for supper, hubs wants lemon and sugar and I don't even like them! I do love whipping them up though, even though I only ever do it same time each year and therefore have to make a ton of batter mix owing to the fact that the first 5 or so are crap and even the dog won't eat them!

Still undecided as to what I am giving up for lent..