Thursday, February 17, 2011

So the detox went well and I lost 5lbs! I promptly put on 2 and then lost 3 so I am still hovering around 5-6 lbs down in 2 weeks, not bad. Still got a way to go - and only 8 weeks till Florida!

Went for a run with super speedy husband this am before work which was excellent, if knackering! Feeling v virtuous :)

My HUGE magnetic notice board has arrived, whoop - Kev and Steve are due to put it up for me this afternoon - too excited, finally getting the stuff off the side of my fridge so that work on new kitchen cupboard can commence...

Cod for supper tonight, and Marchlands on the TV, excellent.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

OK day 2 of Detox and all well so far - headache yesterday afternoon but I feel much better today! Not any less tired mind you..

Yesterday I ate;

1 x cup bouillion with jalapeno peppers
6 sticks celery
3 spoonfulls cottage cheese
salad consisting of lettuce, apraragus, cucumber and peas with low red wine vinegar dressing

Drank water and weak squash!

Not much hey! But that is the point, am actually looking forward to getting on the scales tomorrow and seeing some results, I want to eat some tasty food!!!