Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a couple of days I have had! OK, so I know I have been wholly rubbish at updating my blog, so am going to try and make the proper effort to do so daily for a while..

So, Monday started with the joyous news that there was still a dispute at the council regarding the planning permission/ building works on our new house. Great, we are supposed to move on Thursday (ie TOMORROW!) and still this had not been sorted, and we were awaiting a decision from the planning officer.. joy.

My Audi was also due to be collected on Monday, but DH kindly announced that the clutch had gone on Saturday (at 46K miles, I was livid, gosh he is a crap driver!!!) so it couldnt be collected and instead we had to get it to the garage up the road and pay a non collection fee! Expensive day.

Yesterday I find out that the move is off, at least for now - there was no planning permission granted for part of the rear extension in our new place - I couldnt believe it! Now whilst the council say that they are not opposed, who knows what this parish might say, so we have agreed to sit tight and wait for the retrospective planning is approved, and just pray that it is. Incredibly, my seller seems to think that this is unreasonable and wants us to exchange anyway, with a retension, not something I am comfortable with - so we wait! How anyone who blatently disregarded the planning permission can have such an opinion is beyond me! Thank goodness our lovely buyers are happy to wait, and so are theirs. GAH this has to be the worst house move in history.

Zach is also rapidly outgrowing the moses basket and I have started weaning him - the boy is a hoover! Loves his food, in typical male style. No way can Kev and I fit the cot in our room with us so I really do hope the planning doesnt take too long.. but who knows.

I am now just sitting down with a well deserved glass of wine after scrubbing my house from top to bottom with the help of my fabulous Mum, it looks fantastic.