Saturday, June 30, 2012


I realise that I talk a lot about my pony and I don't ever really talk about my mum's wonderful mare, ladybird - she is 29 now and is just fantastic, I used to event her as a teenager and she was Dusty's loyal soulmate for over 10 years, a real hero, but a right grumpy old lady too! To be honest she isn't very tolerant of me, but she loves mum to death and she really is so very special to us all. I recently found the girl who we bought her from back in 1998, I say girl, she is a married mum of 2 now and older than me lol, but it's been wonderful to find her and let her know how the ex racehorse with a big heart is getting on. Wonders of the interweb! So, here is our big girl, looking old and glam today in our field;

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