Saturday, June 30, 2012


I realise that I talk a lot about my pony and I don't ever really talk about my mum's wonderful mare, ladybird - she is 29 now and is just fantastic, I used to event her as a teenager and she was Dusty's loyal soulmate for over 10 years, a real hero, but a right grumpy old lady too! To be honest she isn't very tolerant of me, but she loves mum to death and she really is so very special to us all. I recently found the girl who we bought her from back in 1998, I say girl, she is a married mum of 2 now and older than me lol, but it's been wonderful to find her and let her know how the ex racehorse with a big heart is getting on. Wonders of the interweb! So, here is our big girl, looking old and glam today in our field;

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another week passes by in a flash, so much seems to be happening at the moment too.  My shopping has all arrived and I am pleased to say that the APC top is fab, I am really happy with it but ALL of my Zara order (except the black tee) is going back, the dress was GORGEOUS and looked great, if I was still 25, but sadly it was just too short for to me to feel comfortable in *sigh* huge shame - although it is now in the sale peeps so grab a bargain!  The blazer was too short too, or rather wrong proportions, damn being 5ft8!!!  Wedges were OK but not £60 worth (and incedentally they are in the sale too) but hey ho, I have sent the lot back and bought this fab shopper instead, I would love an Oak Mulberry Picadilly (oversized Bayswater) but I don't have a spare grand hanging around, so this Zara option will have to do me for now - I am hoping that the leather won't be too stiff, but I have high hopes that it will be my hand luggage solution for later this summer.

In other news it has been a busy week for my little ones, Zach had a proper big boy haircut on Monday, it is really short but looks super cute, and Teya is completing her Play in a Day at school today, they have an afternoon to rehearse and then put on a production for the parents, it is usually excellent and the kids work so hard, I am really looking forward to seeing it later.  Basil is going really well, Harriet had a knee op on Tuesday so it will just be me riding him for the next 2 months but I am really enjoying it and am very happy with how he is going so it shouldn't be too tough.   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I know I said only yesterday that I wasn't doing any more shopping.. but.. this fab APC tee that I have been eying up for some time (see Feb blog post!!) was reduced in the NAP sale and so it is now mine!!
 It is probably a very good thing that these fabulous Burberry boots were OOS in my size otherwise I would have probably caved, and then felt sick with guilt, for a fleeting moment anyway.
 Burberry Does anyone else keep empty credit cards in their safe for those 'must have' or 'emergency' purchases..?!  Please someone say that you do!! I was also hovering over the All Saints Elgar dress, which I have admired for an age, but I closed down the site and felt very virtuous.

I had the luxury of riding Basil before work this morning and despite the drizzly atmosphere it was really lovely to be out on him.  We rode in the field and I am so pleased with how he is going, and very happy that Ladybird is calm when parted from him too.  Early mornings horse rides are definitely one of life's pleasures, summer mornings that is, winter mornings don't feature as highly for me, unless it is a rare bright, crisp morning of course..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The sunshine is back for the time being and I am stuck indoors working!  Oh well, at least I am dressed in a reasonably summery style, electric blue chinos, white tee, havs & plaited hair - hopefully I will get some time out there later on today.  Time is flying past, I can't believe we are nearly at the end of June already, it will be summer holidays in 4 weeks time.. and this time in 2 months I shall be in Italy, wow!  Got a lot to get through before then though.

I have just placed another Zara order online, gosh I am dangerous when left alone with my Ipad and no distraction (Hub was watching the football in the kitchen last night - I was on sofa in snug, um, shopping!!!) and have purchased these lovely bits;

Firstly dress for friends' wedding (edited as I almost forgot it, which was the reason I was shopping in the first place, doh!) I am not sure whether I will be too top heavy for it mind you..



Plain black tee (love the high neck on this and a bargain at £10!)

Not sure how gigantically tall I shall be in the wedges but I need some wedges, yes a real need (hahaha) so shall see how I get on..

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So much has happened since I last updated this!  I have aged by another year, celebrated the Queen's diamond Jubilee in torrential rain, been to Germany and back, survived a dreadfully bumpy budget airline flight in gale force winds, stayed in a hotel room with an en suite shed (Karl Pilkington stylee), seen more tyre/ tyre paraphernalia than you can begin to imagine, and consumed more than decent amounts of alcohol - but I am back to tell the tale!

First and foremost, Basil is HOME!!  Bless the boy, he did so brilliantly at BootCamp, Teya and I went up to ride him on the 28th May and we were so thrilled with him and the work that Chris has done, he has settled right down and is a pleasure to ride with so much potential.  He came home that evening and we have been riding him since, I have Harriett (Teya's riding teacher's sister - still with me?!) helping me to bring him on and it is all going really well.  Some pics of my handsome boy;

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Pirbright were fantastic, everyone made a huge effort and all the houses looked fantastic decked out in bunting, all made by the village ladies' fair hands.  We all made our way over to the green on Sunday, fully prepared in true British style with our gazebos, hunters, Barbours and brollies for a right royal picnic!  Much fun was had by all, the heavens opened and it wasn't really dry all day but it didn't dampen our spirits - happily the rain held off for the singing interlude, the school choir did a fantastic job of starting us off and we then all joined in, clocking up Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and other such rousing numbers before the downpour began again and we all retreated to the comfort of our champagne tents. 

On Monday 4th June I turned 33, and am happy to say that my day was lovely and went without hitch.. I got some super pressies and went out for lunch with my lot and the Banga - Ismail family, before returning home to drink some more champagne with Mr before early bed... 4am wake up call looming..

So, early doors on Tuesday I set off for Gatwick, bound for Dusseldorf and the Reifen exhibition, that is Tyre for those whose German is lacking ;) it was a long week but all went well and everything went really well, almost better than we had expected.  I was so very glad to get home though and am very relieved that I don't have to travel away from home again anytime soon.  It was pretty soul destroying being away over half term, but I did get a fantastic welcome home reception, Chinese food, more champers and great cuddles from my big girl.