Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bargain Brogues!

I am so bored of this horrid weather, we haven't even seen the sunshine for days now and everywhere is grey and miserable.  So, of course I am looking ahead to the warmer months and really need to plan a trip to Italy, I am missing my sister like mad at the moment and really want to be back over there, catching up and leaving England behind for a little while.  Fingers crossed I can make that happen very soon.

I have been looking tentatively for some brogues since last spring, I am never *quite* sure about them though, love the idea and the looks in my head but not sure if I would actually suit them, so it has always put me off.  Also I only want decent quality ones, no crappy pleather jobs, and for something that I am not wholly sure about I am rather hesitant to pay out Russell & Bromley or even Boden prices.  As chance would have it I was browsing the Next website for ballet pumps (after finally paying off my balance, natch) and under the heading 'ballerinas' I found these beauties;

It must be fate, £14 from £48!!  So, I figure that even though I might not get loads of wear out of them, for £14 I can cope with that.  Next shoes always come up too big so I got the 5, and they are a touch on the tight side, but nothing that the hairdryer won't fix.  The leather is lovely and the colour very versatile.  Very impressed.  I have them on today albeit to work from home in, breaking in and all that, with black jeans and khaki military jumper, and I am loving them already.