Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have been awake since 3.30am, urge one of those nights - drunken husband staggered in after 2, then woke littlest, I then heard them chatting so at 3.30 went in and put a stop to that! Then once littlest had dropped off, I was kept awake by eldest coughing, then husband snoring and then just as I was dropping off at 5.30 the dog started barking!! Obv the drunken one didn't let him out last night so he was desperate for the loo! So, once thar lot was done I had chance to snooze before the boy came in at 7 announcing that the sun was up! Yawn! Not happy that the glorious weather that we have enjoyed all week, has decided to vanish just in time for the weekend - I had high hopes for my new mint jeans but sadly, not to be, far too nippy? So I have indigo jeans and ank E boots on instead. Ah well, we are off to a lovely pub for lunch, the Forresters in church crookham and we are taking Cal for a long walk over that way- I love a good dog friendly pub! This evening will see us all in front of a movie with pizza in pj's. Superb. Mint jeans (mine are H&M)
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I also ADORE these J Brand red jeans - perfect bright red and exactly what I am looking for but at £265 they will not be purchased at any time soon, boo.

J Brand Denim

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I joined Pinterest - oops...  Couldn't resist, so many gorgeous things on there, it is a lovely site.  I can't believe that we are in the last week of term already, it is Easter in 2 weeks!  The time really has flown, and I have a very tired big girl this week, too much excitement I think, we are all ready for the holidays.  We have also finally made a date to see Kate and Tom, we are going up for Zach's birthday weekend which is going to be lovely - we found out yesterday that they are having a boy!! So happy for them, I *knew* it would be a blue one and I am thrilled.  Had a great evening with Jay and Jude last night, they came over for a BBQ (loving this weather) and we had a really good catch up, much wine was consumed though and I am feeling it rather this morning. 

We are potty training!  Zach announced on Sunday that he wanted to wee on his potty and put his big boy pants on, so off we went - and he did really well.  No accidents on Sunday afternoon, 2 on Monday morning and none yesterday afternoon.  Sadly yesterday am wasn't so successful, but he was at nursery and he must have been too distracted, which is a real shame.  Still, persevering, I just hope he does OK whilst he is with Mum today.  Not really sure what I should do about it really, so going to ask some wise peeps for their advice..

Riggy has booked her flights to come home too, yay, sadly it isn't in the happiest of circumstances, our Grandad is extremely poorly, he has cancer and is at home living out the rest of his days in as much comfort as possible.  It is so sad but we both want to be able to go up and see them and have some time together before we run out of time.  My poor granny has the onset of dementia too, so whilst Grandad's body has all but given up, his mind is fine and my granny is the opposite..  it is such a desperately sad situation and it is all very difficult for the family right now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh dear.. I have discovered Pinterest!!! Whilst waiting for a work phone call this afternoon I was browsing FB and came across a friend commenting on Pinterest, 'What is this thing?' I ask myself, and curiosity got the better of me and I clicked.. ARGH!!!  As if I haven't lost enough hours of my life to the internet, I fear it is about to get worse.  SO many gorgeous things to look at and gush over, complete beautiful fluff fest and I am hooked (although not a member, just a 'lurker' for now ;) ) Loads of wonderful blogs to link to as well, check these Mini Lasagne Cups out, am desperate to race out and buy wonton wrappers right away (idiot) hee hee. 

Anyway I shall not be buying anything, not even wonton wrappers for a while - my quite frankly stupid and greedy thug (otherwise known as Basil) bust out of his field on Saturday morning, knocked over the  feed bin over that contained the alphabeet and gobbled down the unsoaked nuts !!  Happily he eats so fast that it swelled in his throat and he got choke - cue emergency call out to the vet, 3 bouts of flushing (rubber tubing up the nostril and in to oesophagus flushed through with warm water to try and shift the blockage, not pleasant), major nosebleed, numerous drugs and plenty of hours spent fretting - us and the horse-  but thank god nothing made it to his stomach!  For those who don't know, unsoaked nuts in a horse's stomach almost certainly guarantees a death sentence (or thousands in touch equine surgery), so I consider us all to be very lucky, even when the £445 vet bill landed on my doorstep this morning... Ouch.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a few days I have had!  The end of last week/ Tuesday this week I could happily forget, but sadly that isn't going to happen any time soon - but I wont go in to the doom and gloom of it now!  Yesterday, however, was filled with great news and hope for the future.  My Sister and Andrea took Andrew for his ASD review at the hospital in Rome and the consultants have concluded that, whilst Andrew is still on the spectrum, his progress over the past few months has been phenomenal and he is on the end of it.  They are extremely positive that with continued therapy and all the wonderful work from his family, the way that he is going he may even move off the spectrum all together.  I am so, so relieved that he is responding so well and so proud of him and my wonderful sister, she has had an incredibly tough time but they are getting through it and are just amazing.  Whatever happens in the future I know that he will continue to flourish as a wonderful little boy and that he is loved so much for who he is.

Hope is a great strengthener (I am not sure if that is the correct terminology!!) I have found myself focusing incredibly strongly on hope and faith in the past few months, they have provided me with the comfort that despite hardships, there is light at the end of the tunnel and that things will OK.  Right now I would really like to jump on a plane and be with them all in Italy, but sadly that won't be possible for a little while..

Also, in other good news, Amy and David welcomed baby Ethan in to the world safely yesterday and Mum and baby are doing really well.  David came over to ours last night to celebrate and he is chuffed to bits - we are so happy for them and look forward to meeting the new arrival.

Lastly on Monday Saf and I spent a glorious day at Foxhills Spa, we got there and went straight to the outdoor hot tub followed by swimming, steam room, sauna and whirlpool - a full on water relaxation!  We then went for a lovely lunch and then came back to the spa for back massages and facials.  It was a wonderful day, filled with much chat, fun and laughter and I have to say that I felt much better at the end of the day - neither of us were quite ready to return to reality so we have promised each other that we will do it all again very soon.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

As it is chucking it down out there I have been on the thigh trainer this morning, whoop me, and as it is minging, my thoughts are turning to spring wear.  I am loving these animal tees (similar to the jumpers from AW no less!!) This Jil Sander one is gorg, but not at the price..

Jil Sander
So I am putting this in APC one in my basket and will leave it there for a bit, just in case I find anything I like more

I can see this with my electric blue jeans (if they ever arrive - EDD is early April from H&M, WTF??  I may as well have gone in to town, grr) and my silver office sandals with cardie on chillier days and my Chloe Sunglasses will go a treat, must put up some pics of my sunglasses collection, they are my absolute fav things. I don't actually know how many pairs I have but I look after them and some are really old - but I have only ever lost 1 pair (prada sport *sob*) and cost per wear is minute!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It is March and we have seen some evidence of spring - albeit short lived weather wise - my bulbs are coming through in the garden and I have been out in ballet pumps, woohoo!  It is nice to put a blazer on and not have to wrap up arctic stylie, and I love the fact that my sunnies are a constant addition to my face. 

My gym joining hasn't gone well, in fact it hasn't gone at all - I was told that the Woking one wouldn't take me as my village is Guildford borough, grr and I haven't got around to going over to the Guildford one yet.  TBH it is not really a convenient gym for me so I am trying to make a concerted effort to use my thigh trainer at home on days that are too nippy to be out, but when the weather is good this fair weather runner is getting out there, it is a great feeling although I know I have a long way to go before my fitness levels are where I want them. 

I have decided that I need to get some additional help with Basil, he is really at the stage now where he needs to start working, he is getting bored and cheeky and I simply don't have enough time to do everything that I want with him.  That pony has such huge potential but he needs more than I can give so I have done some research and have found a chap who has just come back from NZ working with spirited youngsters, I have called him and spoken with his girlfriend and am expecting a call back from him any time now.  I am really looking forward to getting on with Baz's training programme and I feel so much better just having made the decision to get someone to help me rather than try and do everything myself.  It is one of my (many I fear) flaws, I am always trying to be superwoman but sometimes I know that I need to just cut myself some slack and let go a little.  Not easy being a control freak!

Cal in the spring sunshine
Baz and Cal, getting to know each other - we have a long way to go with the pony yet before he accepts him, but Cal has been brilliant