Thursday, June 30, 2011

'It's like World War One sponsored by John Lewis' PMSL probably the best quote relating to Glastonbury ever! Too funny. To be fair there is nothing on earth that could even tempt me in to going to Glastonbury, or any other festival for that matter, just NOT MY BAG. Seriously, I wouldn't even bother with the red button, I can't bear the attendees. I am also sneezing like a bastard, in the middle of summer and am feeling rather grumpy about my well being.


I have GREAT news - although I am not allowed to share it.. YET.. Such wonderful news that I heard tonight, just the best news and I am beyond cloud nine for my amazing friends!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Butterscotch Tart

I have been looking for a long time for a perfect BST recipe, it is my daughter's favourite pud and my quest has always been somewhat futile up until now as none of them have quite cut the mustard. However, this one is the absolute best and everyone agrees that it is wonderful! It has become a firm family fav and is top of the treat pudding list.

6oz Caster Sugar
6oz Butter
1 1/2oz plain flour
3 1/2 floz double cream
1tsp vanilla extract (optional - I don't add it)

Mix the sugar and the flour
Melt the butter and add the cream
Bring to the boil
Add the sugar/flour mix
Once the mixture is completely melted pour in to a sweet pastry case
Allow to cool and set and then serve!

Enjoy ;) but beware it is NOT a diet option

Teya eagerly awaiting the pudding (PS that is a bought pastry case, from Waitrose - they are the best ones, life is too short to make pastry IMHO!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I hear that Dermot O'Leary is on Radio 2 this morning... and so I am reminded of last Saturday's antics at FORTYTUDE.. cringing and smiling at the memories, here is a quick recap.

2pm last Saturday Amy, David, Janet and Matt arrived Chez Neill all looking marvellous in their 1940's costumes and armed with vats of wine and beer for the party ahead. We opened the champagne and raised a glass to a child free afternoon and evening of revelry. We had all managed to send our minis off to their grandparents' for the night so it was time to let our hair down.

Taxi arrived at 3.15 and took us over to our venue in Hook Heath. C&I's place looked fabulous, bunting adorned, straw bales in place, the bar set up and even a 40's jeep as one of the props, everyone had made a huge effort and looked great - bright red lipstick and seamed back stockings as far as the eye could see. The wine flowed and we all took up camp under a small gazebo at the top of the very sloping garden - it is at this point that I shall alert you reader to the fact that there had been a LOT of rain - happily there was only one downpour during the party but as a result it was very slippery, something which would make navigating the garden somewhat difficult later on.

The chablis was flowing and the music played, everyone was in post war merriment and there was much laughter and dancing, they also had a fish and chip van come and do the catering which was a brilliant touch. It was shortly after tea that the whole affair began to get messy.. Katie managed to persuade me that the vodka and cranberry juice was a good option and Matthew decided that a great accompaniment to his evacuee outfit was Pat's pink leather gloves.. the carnage started.

Amy fell off her chair, twice - second time in to me taking out the side of the aforementioned gazebo, David took her home at 10pm and when she arrived she promptly fell head first in to the flowerbed! Janet and I staggered around trying to dance but in reality falling down drunk - and then the worst happened, poor Dermot arrived, yes he is a friend of the birthday couple - and after my playing it pretty cool on the 'don't bug the celeb' front - decided that when Janet was trying to get her photo taken, that I would vocalise the fact that he was much shorter in real life than he was on the telly! Oh the shame, he took a huff and stropped off at that (unsurprisingly) I then managed to lose my hold ups, MAC lipstick and umbrella and I have no idea how. I have no recollection of the taxi ride home but we do have some rather shocking pictures of Janet and I covered in mud eating toast at mine at 1am! Oh, we lost Matthew - he fell up some steps, gashed his knee and bumped his head and got his own taxi home at 5am!!! The next morning I was covered in bruises, slightly shocking headache and it took me nearly 36 hours to recover. Was such brilliant fun though - just won't be back on the vodka any time soon...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am just nipping back to edit - I realise that I haven't updated this since FORTYTUDE and really I must commit the antics of my friends and I to this blog, just for the sheer shame/ amusement factor if nothing else.. this I shall do dear readers, once I have filled in a few more blanks from the event, which incidentally started at 2pm at my house...

It is sale time again - YUK! Horrid time for actually braving the shops, and lethal time to hit the online shopping emporiums... I have tried to stay away from Malene Birger, Whistles and Ted Baker (to name a few) but the discounts are soooo tempting. Still hankering after the Plumo Biba scarf but TBH it is only actually reduced by £5 once you add the P&P so I should really have bought it with the discount code they sent me ages ago... Anyway the only things that I would really love are a fabulous quality black tee and a pair of black ankle boots - flat ones - neither of these things appear to exist, well not exactly what I am after (well I did find a stunning tee but all sold out @ BMB). Loads of 'stuff' I would like but so far so good, I have been a good girl.

Furious with H&M who seem to have sent my most recent order to a random address and it is lost! Not that I think I will ever get chance to wear the white shorts that I ordered at the end of MAY but still - so far their customer service is proving next to useless. Will have to pick up the phone I think..

Monday, June 13, 2011

After a fun filled weekend supporting our village at the scarecrow fair on Saturday and a fabulous curry supper at friends' house yesterday it is sadly back to Monday again.. Great news though, the school's entry of William Shakespere won first prize and we are thrilled, and very proud of Mrs Wilson's efforts.

This week is so busy, I am off to Gloucester and Heathrow (sadly just for a meeting, not jetting off..) tomorrow and Wednesday - hopefully meeting up with the gorgeous Miss Birley tomorrow pm - I am chairing my first Safeguarding meeting Wednesday night at the school, Thursday it is Teya's class assembly (she is a dancer!) and Friday I am meeting up with old friend Simon to discuss my new plan for business expansion.. Talking of which I MUST get my ass in to gear and actually do my website, at the moment looks shocking!

Then it is rev up for a whole day and night's partying at FORTYTUDE.. need to sort hairstyle and book taxi (note to self)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

This weather is quite frankly, depressing. I am trying to remain positive and summery but I have reverted to my cardigan and scarf teamed with ballet pumps as a nod to the season - gah, either chuck it down or brighten up - I cannot be doing with this!

It is our Village Scarecrow Festival on Saturday - an event that gets better every year and we are really looking forward to it! We are not doing one but shall be supporting everyone who enters and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts. The theme is famous Katherine and Williams so it should be fun. Jo W is doing the school's entry - and we still don't know what it will be. The Pimms tent is always a hit too, so roll on Saturday and lets hope Mr Sunshine appears just in time.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I am 32! I had an interesting birthday weekend, some parts amazing and some not so fun, but I am a year older and maybe wiser, so hey.. I got an Alex Munroe necklace and a pair of Tom Ford sunnies from my darling husband and the kids which knocked me for six, I was very chuffed. My lovely friends gave me some super gifts too, I got a clarins lip gloss, a beautiful contemporary decanter, some tops, a Bruno Mars CD (from J&J to remind us of our holiday!) and some lovely bottles of wine too - I am a very lucky lady.

It was Josh's Baptism on Sunday and despite the downpour it was a wonderful day. I wore a chiffon warehouse black dress and pink heels (which I swapped for silver flats as soon as I could!) and I carried my stunning Marc Jacobs cream clutch that I got for my Sister's wedding, the kids and Kev all looked stunning in their smart outfits too and I was very proud of my little lot that day. The Woollett's put on a great do and all the kids were so well behaved, was fab, and I felt very humbled.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Happy June everyone! The sun is shining and it is 3 days until I am 32... for now I am just cracking on with finishing all the work that I have to do before my weekend starts at 5pm tomorrow, yippeee! Currently doing a basket dance with a pair of Tory Birch pumps that I have been lusting after for AGES (see entry in March blog I think?!) as a pressie to me - I have no idea what my hubs has got me, he hasn't even asked what I would like this year, and is being very mysterious as to what he has got...

I was planning to start the 17 day diet today (as seen in the Sunday Times style mag this Sunday) but I rather feel it futile seeing as there is a weekend of excess looming.. all the weight I lost for hols is starting to creep back- ironically since I returned from Florida, so it is time to be good again. Last week I ran 3 times though and have done once this week so the exercise is no biggie, its the food and wine in abundance that get me, ah well.

My 40's style Antik Batik dress arrived from Ebay, super purchase for £10! It was a vile bright orange but my darling mum has dyed it bitter chocolate and it looks great now, just need to hit primark for a tonne of pearls and dig out the seambacked stockings (god knows when they last had an outing) and I will be all set to party at FORTYTUDE on the 18th June in celebration of C&I's 40th birthdays..