Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have been awake since 3.30am, urge one of those nights - drunken husband staggered in after 2, then woke littlest, I then heard them chatting so at 3.30 went in and put a stop to that! Then once littlest had dropped off, I was kept awake by eldest coughing, then husband snoring and then just as I was dropping off at 5.30 the dog started barking!! Obv the drunken one didn't let him out last night so he was desperate for the loo! So, once thar lot was done I had chance to snooze before the boy came in at 7 announcing that the sun was up! Yawn! Not happy that the glorious weather that we have enjoyed all week, has decided to vanish just in time for the weekend - I had high hopes for my new mint jeans but sadly, not to be, far too nippy? So I have indigo jeans and ank E boots on instead. Ah well, we are off to a lovely pub for lunch, the Forresters in church crookham and we are taking Cal for a long walk over that way- I love a good dog friendly pub! This evening will see us all in front of a movie with pizza in pj's. Superb. Mint jeans (mine are H&M)
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I also ADORE these J Brand red jeans - perfect bright red and exactly what I am looking for but at £265 they will not be purchased at any time soon, boo.

J Brand Denim

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