Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Easter holidays are here - hooray :) I am having this afternoon off work and then a quiet couple of days catching up on admin and some documentation before stopping for the long weekend.  I am really looking forward to getting out the Easter decorations and buying the eggs for the kids' egg hunt on Sunday, I just hope the rain can hold off for a while.  I bought the beef for Sunday yesterday from Waitrose, 2.5kg of silverside which was reduced and I got it for £11.74, from £20 - bargain!  It is so big that I have chopped it in half and have frozen it all so that it will do us several meals.  I am really looking forward to having my parents and hopefully MIL over on Sunday for a good get together, just need to decide on the pudding.. I think it will have to be my butterscotch tart, my lot do love it so. 

Talking about get togethers the wheels are in motion for our summer holidays - I know that August is a way off yet but I really wanted to get the flights booked so that we have something to look forward to, as we have a few tough months ahead.  So, my Sister and Andrew fly home on the 10th August and will stay until the 17th when me and my gang will fly back to Italy with her and stay until the 4th September!!  We are getting a villa near her for the whole stay but will de camp to La Casella for the bank holiday as normal - Saf and Ram and their kids are joining us for 2 days which will be brilliant, and they have booked their flights too, Steve is coming (although the naughty beast hasn't yet replied to my text about details, tut ;) ) and I really hope that Kitty and Damon will come too with little Reggie who will be 1 by then, crikey, which reminds me, I really must drop her a line and see how they are all doing.  Roll on August, you can't come quickly enough...

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