Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I joined Pinterest - oops...  Couldn't resist, so many gorgeous things on there, it is a lovely site.  I can't believe that we are in the last week of term already, it is Easter in 2 weeks!  The time really has flown, and I have a very tired big girl this week, too much excitement I think, we are all ready for the holidays.  We have also finally made a date to see Kate and Tom, we are going up for Zach's birthday weekend which is going to be lovely - we found out yesterday that they are having a boy!! So happy for them, I *knew* it would be a blue one and I am thrilled.  Had a great evening with Jay and Jude last night, they came over for a BBQ (loving this weather) and we had a really good catch up, much wine was consumed though and I am feeling it rather this morning. 

We are potty training!  Zach announced on Sunday that he wanted to wee on his potty and put his big boy pants on, so off we went - and he did really well.  No accidents on Sunday afternoon, 2 on Monday morning and none yesterday afternoon.  Sadly yesterday am wasn't so successful, but he was at nursery and he must have been too distracted, which is a real shame.  Still, persevering, I just hope he does OK whilst he is with Mum today.  Not really sure what I should do about it really, so going to ask some wise peeps for their advice..

Riggy has booked her flights to come home too, yay, sadly it isn't in the happiest of circumstances, our Grandad is extremely poorly, he has cancer and is at home living out the rest of his days in as much comfort as possible.  It is so sad but we both want to be able to go up and see them and have some time together before we run out of time.  My poor granny has the onset of dementia too, so whilst Grandad's body has all but given up, his mind is fine and my granny is the opposite..  it is such a desperately sad situation and it is all very difficult for the family right now.

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