Thursday, March 15, 2012

What a few days I have had!  The end of last week/ Tuesday this week I could happily forget, but sadly that isn't going to happen any time soon - but I wont go in to the doom and gloom of it now!  Yesterday, however, was filled with great news and hope for the future.  My Sister and Andrea took Andrew for his ASD review at the hospital in Rome and the consultants have concluded that, whilst Andrew is still on the spectrum, his progress over the past few months has been phenomenal and he is on the end of it.  They are extremely positive that with continued therapy and all the wonderful work from his family, the way that he is going he may even move off the spectrum all together.  I am so, so relieved that he is responding so well and so proud of him and my wonderful sister, she has had an incredibly tough time but they are getting through it and are just amazing.  Whatever happens in the future I know that he will continue to flourish as a wonderful little boy and that he is loved so much for who he is.

Hope is a great strengthener (I am not sure if that is the correct terminology!!) I have found myself focusing incredibly strongly on hope and faith in the past few months, they have provided me with the comfort that despite hardships, there is light at the end of the tunnel and that things will OK.  Right now I would really like to jump on a plane and be with them all in Italy, but sadly that won't be possible for a little while..

Also, in other good news, Amy and David welcomed baby Ethan in to the world safely yesterday and Mum and baby are doing really well.  David came over to ours last night to celebrate and he is chuffed to bits - we are so happy for them and look forward to meeting the new arrival.

Lastly on Monday Saf and I spent a glorious day at Foxhills Spa, we got there and went straight to the outdoor hot tub followed by swimming, steam room, sauna and whirlpool - a full on water relaxation!  We then went for a lovely lunch and then came back to the spa for back massages and facials.  It was a wonderful day, filled with much chat, fun and laughter and I have to say that I felt much better at the end of the day - neither of us were quite ready to return to reality so we have promised each other that we will do it all again very soon.

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