Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh dear.. I have discovered Pinterest!!! Whilst waiting for a work phone call this afternoon I was browsing FB and came across a friend commenting on Pinterest, 'What is this thing?' I ask myself, and curiosity got the better of me and I clicked.. ARGH!!!  As if I haven't lost enough hours of my life to the internet, I fear it is about to get worse.  SO many gorgeous things to look at and gush over, complete beautiful fluff fest and I am hooked (although not a member, just a 'lurker' for now ;) ) Loads of wonderful blogs to link to as well, check these Mini Lasagne Cups out, am desperate to race out and buy wonton wrappers right away (idiot) hee hee. 

Anyway I shall not be buying anything, not even wonton wrappers for a while - my quite frankly stupid and greedy thug (otherwise known as Basil) bust out of his field on Saturday morning, knocked over the  feed bin over that contained the alphabeet and gobbled down the unsoaked nuts !!  Happily he eats so fast that it swelled in his throat and he got choke - cue emergency call out to the vet, 3 bouts of flushing (rubber tubing up the nostril and in to oesophagus flushed through with warm water to try and shift the blockage, not pleasant), major nosebleed, numerous drugs and plenty of hours spent fretting - us and the horse-  but thank god nothing made it to his stomach!  For those who don't know, unsoaked nuts in a horse's stomach almost certainly guarantees a death sentence (or thousands in touch equine surgery), so I consider us all to be very lucky, even when the £445 vet bill landed on my doorstep this morning... Ouch.

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