Thursday, June 21, 2012

I know I said only yesterday that I wasn't doing any more shopping.. but.. this fab APC tee that I have been eying up for some time (see Feb blog post!!) was reduced in the NAP sale and so it is now mine!!
 It is probably a very good thing that these fabulous Burberry boots were OOS in my size otherwise I would have probably caved, and then felt sick with guilt, for a fleeting moment anyway.
 Burberry Does anyone else keep empty credit cards in their safe for those 'must have' or 'emergency' purchases..?!  Please someone say that you do!! I was also hovering over the All Saints Elgar dress, which I have admired for an age, but I closed down the site and felt very virtuous.

I had the luxury of riding Basil before work this morning and despite the drizzly atmosphere it was really lovely to be out on him.  We rode in the field and I am so pleased with how he is going, and very happy that Ladybird is calm when parted from him too.  Early mornings horse rides are definitely one of life's pleasures, summer mornings that is, winter mornings don't feature as highly for me, unless it is a rare bright, crisp morning of course..

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