Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My first lot of Company Accounts have been completed by my amazing Accountant, Ellen Lefevres from Lefevres Ltd, I have signed them all and off they go in to the post!  It is a major feeling of achievement, my Company has been going since June 2010 and I am really proud of what I have done so far.  I really need to up up my game now mind you and get some more women on board and start marketing our skill set, it is going to be a real challenge but I am looking forward to expanding it all over the coming year. 

Also on the work front I have started the ball rolling in regard to the joint venture with my brother in law, I have set up the site www.trekkinginumbria.com and am now going to start marketing that on travel portal sites and try and drum up some UK business for him.  The Two Valleys trek is absolutely fantastic; if you love horses, good Italian food, amazing wine and breathtaking scenery then this holiday is a must.  It is all centred around La Casella (where we holiday every year) and it really is a wonderful place to go and experience Italy.

La Casella

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