Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ahh it's Valentine's Day! I love a cheesy celebration, and even better an anonymous card but as the yeas pass I find us being less and less exciting - nowadays we stick to cards and a great meal with good wine, and that's ok with me, I even got a bit of a lie in this morning before heading off to a work meeting so bonus! Tonight I'm doing veal milanaise with saffron risotto and green beans, washed down with a Marlborough Sauvignon blanc, yum yum - oh and cheesecake for pud (albeit bought this time!)

Here is a pic of the cookie that my Son made me at nursery (well he made 3 but I was only allowed a nibble, the rest he ate and then gave the other two to his Daddy and Sister!) I feel he may have had some help ;)

And this is the delish wine, a Villa Maria, courtesy of Waitrose wine offers!

Hope you all have a great night, whatever you are up to..  xx

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