Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finally I took the plunge... Zach had his first proper hair cut yesterday and it was a wild success!  Well, wild is a little OTT but he sat like an angel whilst the lovely hairdresser at Trotters in Guildford snipped away at his long curly locks.  To say that I was terrified of getting it cut is an understatement, I was convinced that all his curls would go and I really don't want to lose them just yet.  But no, she gave him a good chop, taking a couple of inches off all over and layering it and it looks fab now, really smart and super curly still (feel a little ashamed of just how Ferrel it looked beforehand oops!!!) he looks adorable and was very happy with it all.  Things seemed to go downhill when we got home mind you, firstly he came trotting through to see me in the kitchen clutching his bucket, when I asked him what was inside he said he was making a beach for beside his train track.. OK, but what is in the bucket?  Only all the heads from my cut daffodils that were previously minding their own business brightening up the coffee table in my living room - ARGH!!  Not an hour later I heard much giggling in the snug, realising that Z was in there with Cal I called to the dog, to find that he had been smeared with Dairylea from Zach's dunker!  I found myself yelling 'You do NOT paint the dog with cheese, very naughty Zach!' I think I will add that to the pile of 'phrases I never thought I would say' but, once I had cleaned up the long suffering pub I had to have a little chuckle, he is a right cheeky one my little boy, and obviously the haircut didn't have the Sampson effect!

So, today is Shrove Tuesday and this evening I shall be whipping up pancakes after school.  I have a slight problem in the fact that I am out of plain flour so will have to go and pick some up in a bit, sadly strong white bread flour isn't going to do the trick.  My lot are purists so it will be lemon and sugar all the way here, nothing more fancy than that but I do enjoy making them, albeit only once a year.

I use Jamie Oliver's peasy recipe;

1 mug flour
1 mug milk
1 egg

Butter in the hot pan and only a small amount of batter, here's hoping I don't cock up the first few too badly!

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