Monday, March 28, 2011

What a lovely weekend! Saturday saw us shopping for the last of our holiday bits (soo exciting, Teya has a new cross body bag too which makes her look like one of the Jack Wills 15 year old set EEEKKK but her choice of theme park bag!) followed by the Banga family joining us in the evening for a take away pizza and pyjama night in! Yesterday, Teya went riding in the morning and came home ravernous for her roast lunch - so we scoffed that down and went for a bike ride through the village and in to Brookwood cemetary. I forget how beautiful and how humbling that place is, it looked magnificent in the spring sunshine. Rounded that off with a trip to the pub next door for pinot and ice cream (former for us, latter for kids!) and caught up with Rob W whilst the kids caused havoc in the beer garden, superb... On way to review some policies at school now as part of my Gov duties, happy Monday all!

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