Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I was officially up before the birds this morning.. my little boy had a nappy explosion at 5.30 this morning (!) and there was no hope of me sleeping after that.. So it is 7.20am and I have already typed up a customer report, cleaned up the kitchen, finished the washing up, compiled today's to do list, got kids' school bags ready and answered a couple of work related emails... might be time for a lie down shortly!! Oh no, got to go do the horses - no rest for the wicked ;)

Off to do more dog/pony training with Janet and our big kids after pick up - Baz is getting much better with Pops (she is a super star with him!) but he is still rather over excitable so here's hoping that a few more times of this and he will decide that there is no novelty factor left in dogs and will calm down. Mind you, he bust through the electric fence at the weekend so he really is a tough little cookie. Nearly time to start his proper training, that is going to be a shocker all round..

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