Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The sun is shining! It has to be a good day.. finally it feels as though we are emerging from the darkness in to spring and I am loving it. Still, it is bloody cold out there so all hail for my lovely hubby who bought me a pair of Dubarry boots yesterday, love him! They had £100 off, which is a great saving, although I appreciate that they weren't cheap to start with..

It is Pancake day today and Teya has stipulated that she wants plain jam pancakes for supper, hubs wants lemon and sugar and I don't even like them! I do love whipping them up though, even though I only ever do it same time each year and therefore have to make a ton of batter mix owing to the fact that the first 5 or so are crap and even the dog won't eat them!

Still undecided as to what I am giving up for lent..

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