Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ahh another working week! The Hen night went well, the Hen herself had a great time and it was altogether a good evening (despite the fact that the food didn't arrive till 10.45pm - when most of us had gone off the idea of eating!) not enough champagne really, but that was in reality only a good thing as I had to get back on the road at 9am to pick up my minis.. they had had a wonderful time being spoiled by Granny, and Kev ran a great half marathon at Reading, so sucess all round. Made a huge cottage pie for our supper and enjoyed some good Sauvignon before waving goodbye to another weekend.

Had felt car juddering for a few weeks now, it turns out that a front tyre was flat (oops) and so badly worn that when Kev went to inflate it yesterday it burst!! Cue much trauma around the changing of the tyre and me having to borrow tools from the lovely chaps at Bentley's garage in order for Kev to change the tyre! My poor little car limped in to their workshop finally yesterday afternoon and should be back with me at some point today, not looking forward to that bill..

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