Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My day did not get off to a good start - some b*stard had fly tipped a load of crap right outside the entrance to my field! I was livid - happily the council are on their way to clear it up but seriously some people are just hideous. It wasn't just green stuff either (not that that is excusable) it was a load of old roofing felt, nails, plastic panels etc.. Not happy. On the plus side my hubby has managed, with the help of my Dad, to locate the whereabouts of his uncle's memorial. His plane was shot down in WW2 and his Mum has never really known what happened. So, we are taking her over to Runnymede on Saturday which will be lovely, in a strange way.. She is so chuffed that she is finally going to find out a bit more about her big brother. Afterwards we are taking her to lunch at in Sunningdale, so it should be a rather memorable day.

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