Friday, November 20, 2009

I know you have all been dying to know the results... JESS SURVIVED!! Phew, she had a stint in the washing machine and then in the freezer and is looking much better for the makeover. I am sure Teya's cough is improving already so, fingers crossed that this house will be a little less snotty from now on.

Bless Teya, she has lost 2 teeth this week and now looks extremely comedy and speaks with a lisp! Very very funny but I am gutted as have had to cancel the kid's photoshoot that I had planned for a couple of weeks time. I am sure she would not appreciate the pics in years to come. Oh god, the Christmas pictures aren't going to be as pretty as last years! Ah well, the big ones will grow soon enough, and then she will have whopping tombstones like mine no doubt..

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