Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hi ho hi ho its back to work I go!  Just HOW hard is it returning to work after a long weekend?  Especially after a particularly fab weekend.  Easter Sunday saw us all up at 8am (after a 4am revaille from the kids who could not wait to see if Easter Bunny had been!) followed by an egg hunt in the rain (after this rather dishevelled 'bunny' had hidden them around the garden in the rain!)  We were then joined by my parents and Mother in Law, we opened the champagne, swapped chocolate eggs and gifts and then sat down to a gorgeous leg of lamb and all the trimmings (didn't do beef in the end because I decided to run with tradition instead, the beef will keep!) including obligatory yorkshire puds for Teya ;) Kev found some really old video footage, stuff that we had completely forgotten about, so later that night we at watching lovely home movies and drinking wine until quite late - it was a really perfect day and quite amazingly neither of the kids were sick from over comsumption, so bonus there!

Yesterday I rolled out of bed with a slightly fuzzy head to join Saf, Janet and the kids in Camberely for a date with the soft play and then Chiquitos for lunch and a very fun time was had by all.  Now back to reality for a bit but really looking forward to having Riggy home at the weekend and finally getting to see my grandparents, it has been such a long time since we did.

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