Monday, November 14, 2011

Not such a good 24 hours here.. Yesterday morning started well, we all went out in to the beautiful day to the Remembrance Service in Brookwood cemetery with our friends, which was lovely - very poignant and Teya and her best bud Rehan laid the wreath. Afterwards we went for some lunch at the pub and had a really great time. I took Zach home around 1pm as I was feeling a little tired, and it just went downhill from there, I got the sweats and started to feel really sick and shaky. By 6pm I was in the bath, throwing up and just about managed to watch Strictly before having to retire. This morning Kev had not long dropped Teya at school when I got the call asking me to come and get her, poor thing was white as a sheet and needed to come home - she was feeling sick too! Argh, poor baby- I have NO idea where these bugs came from but needless to say it is a duvet day here and hopefully she will feel much better soon. Got to hope that Zach doesn't get it now..

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