Monday, November 07, 2011

It is that time again, operation detox! Time to lose a few lbs - happily I don't have too much but still, it has crept up on me again (lazy ass) and my jeans are a tad tighter than I am wholly comfortable with, quite apart from the fact that it is only 8 weeks till I am maid of honour to the gorgeous Katie! So, I am doing a 3/5 days detox this week to kick start my diet and then will be healthy/ small portioning again until January. There are so many things in my wardrobe that will look so much better with just a few lbs off that I have lots of motivation. I am also going to do the sensible thing and up my exercising, just walking the dog/playing with ponies/running once (or less) a week just isn't enough and I need to do more. So, wish me luck!

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