Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kev and I went up to visit Steve at the Hospital again last night and I am very relieved to report that things were a lot more positive. When we got there he had not been long out of surgery and was out of recovery and back in ICU. The surgeons had put a plate in one wrist, pinned the other and re set his broken foot. They hadn't started on his pelvis yet, the ball and socket joint is shattered, but he is in traction and is well and truly trussed up. it was great to hear that the staff are happy with how he is doing, they have also managed to get a feeding tube in him and his blood pressure is better. Also the damage to his face isn't as bad as they had feared, his jaw is broken but his cheekbones aren't nearly as smashed as they had first thought. It was much better to see him looking much 'pinker' IYSWIM - on Saturday he looked like a waxwork, and that was heartbreaking. There is still a long way to go and there has been no change with his lungs/ breathing but fingers crossed that it won't be long now and he can come out of sedation and see all his loved ones.. We crossed visits with Jay, Jude, Soph and Steph and I really hope that Steve can hear us all and know that we are all there willing him on. Kev is going back tomorrow and we are both back on Friday morning. I really hope to be able to report back very soon that he is awake, and cracking inappropriate jokes with his nursing staff!

In the meantime I am going to cook up a few meals for his parents so that they don't need to think about cooking once they return home in the evening - first one is beef bourguignon (found a good food recipe which looks great) Kev will take it with him tomorrow, but any other ideas for easy to reheat suppers would be greatly appreciated! Email me mrskneill@hotmail.com

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