Thursday, May 19, 2011

After 2 days away and 800 miles done in my little silver motor car, I am home and back at my desk! Phew, way too much to catch up on, but all is well. The little sister dined with Kirsten Dunst (coincidence that she was mentioned in my previous post!!) in Cannes last night and I AM STILL waiting for an update.. Little Sister is currently working down there because the film festival is on - she always goes dark during this week, way too much partying and work going on ;) but I cannot wait to hear from her.

So on my trip away I managed to visit my friend Pooja and her rapidly expanding family, it was the first time that I had met her littlest, Alisha (14 months) and OMG what a little doll she is! Akshay is a gorg boy too and the Bump is expanding at a great rate.. 3 under 4.. wow! Pooj is as fun and fabulous as ever, the time goes so quickly - as I drove away from their house at 11pm it struck me just how much I love seeing my old friends, how much I miss them and how glad I am that no matter how long it has been we can just pick up where we left off.. I feel very lucky for that.

Stayed at the Malmaison in Liverpool which was as fab as the Mal's always are - I just love them. Bargain room as I pre booked and the whole thing was fabulous.. the lie in till 845am was very very welcome too - but I did whizz on down the M6 as fast as I could after my meetings, desperate to see my minis who gave me a wonderful welcome home..

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