Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lessons learned in April

As far as months go April is always a crazy one, aside from the unpredictable British weather (fashion dilemmas abound) and the Easter holidays dominating - it is a transition month and is always really busy.  For me I have had lots of work on and Zach's birthday, amongst other fun things, so the time has flown past.  This April has been particularly eventful, and I find that (as with all good planners/ de briefers) I have a number of take aways already, despite the fact that it isn't actually over yet;

1) Always pay your TV licence, if you don't/ forget to then they will knock at your door, read you your rights, wind up your dog and make you pay a year up front.  Fact. Yep, for missing one payment.
2)  Sometimes it isn't worth claiming on your insurance if someone hits your car  - and when I say hits, I mean drives in to your car at speed, at night and totals the side of it (or not mine in this case!)so, always befriend a decent local garage who will look after you and fix you up for a reasonable amount.
3) Despite how easy a You Tube tutorial makes it look, never attempt to ice a cake using fondant icing, unless you have an immense amount of patience, or nothing better to do with your time.
4) Adults can have as much fun as kids on a 25 ft high inflatable side, and especially wearing mickey mouse ears...
5) Marlboro Silver are really just expensive air
6) Being a size 8 is good
7) Eating your own body weight in pizza is also good
8) 6 & 7 aren't sustainable
9) Sometimes you can't fix people, you can just be there for them, let them know you care and hope that, with time and patience, it is enough. 
10) Sunshine makes everything better, makes people more sociable, makes them smile and definitely makes the world a sexier place to be.  Nothing better than having a drink, in the garden, in the sun with those you love being with.  Looking forward to some time doing just that... Hopefully very soon.

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