Friday, March 01, 2013

Lunch @ The Ledbury

Saf and I have taken the command decision that we shall sample all of the best restaurants around the country and have drawn up a 'to visit' list as part of our quest.  I seem to be making some very fun lists at the moment, but I had best leave it there else I shall become most distracted..! Following our meeting with the lovely Darren McHugh at The Berkley last month we decided that our next stop should be The Ledbury, as he had just been appointed restaurant manager there.  So, yesterday morning we set off to the big smoke on the train for our day, happily with much less drama than the last time we went in to town.  We arrived in Notting Hill for midday, a lovely part of town actually, I haven't been there for years (I think to visit Myla - stunning underwear shop- in maybe 2004?) anyway, the shopping there is fabulous, boutiques and quirky independent shops as well as an Ottoleghi deli, and of course some great looking cafes and bars.   The Ledbury is situated at the end of Ledbury road and has a very glam exterior that wouldn't look out of place at the centre of any of the World's Capitals.  Rather disappointingly there was no bar or anywhere to sit before lunch so we were shown straight to our table by the very charming Lawrence, who I have a feeling had been instructed to look after us by the afore mentioned Mr McHugh.  The restaurant itself is very pleasant, airy and modern, but nothing hugely special, I think the minimalist look had been taken a little far really, and therefore it lacked a little personality.  I like a touch more drama when it comes to decor, purely personal obviously. 

Our drinks arrived and Saf was presented with a really good non alcoholic cocktail, usually I am not a huge fan, they tend to be a little sticky but this was excellent, and my house champagne was good, although at £12 for a 125ml glass it should have been.  Lawrence had also been briefed about all of Saf's dietary requirements too and I have to say they were excellent to her, and even gave her her very own bread basket, which she made her way through admirably! Oh and they served SALTED butter, heaven.  I am not a fan of the unsalted stuff.  The canapes were yum (mine was a foie gras option) but 1 each I thought it was a little stingy..


My Starter

My starter was the rabbit veloute, which was excellent, the wine was also very good, cannot remember what it was though oops!

Saf's Starter

My Main
Saf's Main
Saf had a take on posh cheese on toast with a mushroom consomme which was also amazing, beautiful crockery too, which I loved, obviously as I have a slight crockery problem/obsession..  Next came the mains, and an excellent Merlot for me, I really love good red wine, it could be the financial ruin of me though, would I let it.  This was £18.50 for a 175ml glass, ouch but delish, and Californian, which I started off being a little sniffy at but the somellier took all of my preferences in to consideration (!!!) and he was absolutely spot on.  So, I had the Muntjac and honestly if I had to guess what I might choose for lunch that morning I would never have said deer, but oh my word it was exceptional, incredibly tender, cooked to perfection (med rare) and served with super tasty bone marrow and fried pretty potatoes (can't think of how else to describe them!!) was perfection on a plate.  Saf had a beautiful mushroom and celeriac risotto with pea puree, which easily stood up to the meat eaters' option. 

Lastly came pudding, and petits fours which I didn't fancy so Saf had that lot.  The sorbet was OK, but nothing special, neither of us have sweet teeth though so it isn't really surprising.  Lastly as I was enjoying my third glass of the fizzy stuff we were offered a kitchen tour and were very honoured to meet Head Chef Brett Graham and his team.  The main man took a good 5 mins to talk to us about his love of the place and shooting game, it was really lovely and he was a delight. 

We left at around 3pm after a really lovely lunch, the food was absolutely brilliant, couldn't fault it and we had a great laugh as we always do, but I would just say that it lacks something in the personality stakes, not just the decor but the atmosphere rather.  For us there weren't enough 'princess touches' no amuse bouches or extra little additions that make the overall experience, it was just going out for a nice lunch, and I don't like to use the word nice!  The prices were reasonable for Michelin starred food, £30 for 2 courses, £35 for 3 - and as I said, it was fabulous food, but I wouldn't rush back.  However, if you happen to find yourself in Notting Hill then you could do a lot worse than lunch at the Ledbury.

What I wore;

Silk shift dress - Warehouse
120 denier opaques - Wolford
Black suede ballet pumps - M&S
Grey woollen coat - M&S
Plaited shopper - Zara

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Saf said...

Totally agree with that assessment! The food and staff were fabulous but there was something lacking in the ambience. I'll send you a pic of the veggie menu for you to upload.