Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Happy June everyone! The sun is shining and it is 3 days until I am 32... for now I am just cracking on with finishing all the work that I have to do before my weekend starts at 5pm tomorrow, yippeee! Currently doing a basket dance with a pair of Tory Birch pumps that I have been lusting after for AGES (see entry in March blog I think?!) as a pressie to me - I have no idea what my hubs has got me, he hasn't even asked what I would like this year, and is being very mysterious as to what he has got...

I was planning to start the 17 day diet today (as seen in the Sunday Times style mag this Sunday) but I rather feel it futile seeing as there is a weekend of excess looming.. all the weight I lost for hols is starting to creep back- ironically since I returned from Florida, so it is time to be good again. Last week I ran 3 times though and have done once this week so the exercise is no biggie, its the food and wine in abundance that get me, ah well.

My 40's style Antik Batik dress arrived from Ebay, super purchase for £10! It was a vile bright orange but my darling mum has dyed it bitter chocolate and it looks great now, just need to hit primark for a tonne of pearls and dig out the seambacked stockings (god knows when they last had an outing) and I will be all set to party at FORTYTUDE on the 18th June in celebration of C&I's 40th birthdays..

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