Friday, December 11, 2009

OK I am not giving up alcohol again - 2 weeks ago I decided to stop the wine for a few days and on day 3 I got flu! Flu so bad that I was dripping with sweat and freezing for 4 days. I haven't felt so bad for 10 years, honestly it was awful. Anyway, since I have recovered I dare not go a day without wine, and I am fighting fit!

So, now I am back to myself, I have been flat out for xmas, my cards are written and posted, my presents are all bought and mostly wrapped, the trees are up, the house is decorated (ok yes thre is more work to be done but hell I am happy with what we have so far..) the menu is sorted, the food is ordered from M&S and the itinerary is sussed. I feel so chuffed, and am so looking forward to the festivities I am buzzing!! I will miss my beautiful black cat this year though, he always loves Christmas, the heat and the merriment and the abundance of laps to kip on. My darling Flik, we will miss you every second xx

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