Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally I am back at my laptop (usually monopolised by the husband!) so I thought that I would finally post the pictures of my completed Snug room.  This room sits between the kitchen and the main living room and it is really the family room, contains kids' toys and inexpensive sofas that, being chocolate brown, hold their own in a kid friendly environment.  It has been 2 and a bit years in the creation but at last I can say that, for now, it is done.  Ideally I would love some wallpaper on the wall with the cat picture, but for now that can wait.  I know it has taken an age but I am really happy with the results.

So, October 2009

Then Feb 2010

Finally Jan 2012 ( I have more to add from camera - these are phone ones - but I have screwed up and taken a load of pics in RAW and can't edit them until I have new software on laptop grrr)

Shelves all done by hubby, art deco fire place, £72 from eBay, it is cast iron and weighs a ton!  Hubs did that and made new cabinet for TV too, mind you that needs to be properly finished.. rug, Next from 2010.

Labrador and small child are movable :)

Close up of fireplace - currently accessorised with Teya's Bday cards!

Last photo is of the photo wall, directly opposite fireplace and leading in to kitchen.  All frames are either Ikea or Cargo, black wooden frames.  The light fitting is a battersea pendant lamp from Garden Trading via Not on the High St

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