Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steve has been much the same as yesterday just being a bit more with it, and a bit more fidgety! He managed to pull his feeding tube out at one point!!! His ventilator tube has been taken off his throat and his neck brace removed. They put a half cast on his right arm and he managed to bend it straight away, so he now has a full cast.  He is going for x rays tomorrow to check on his new additions to his bones to make sure everything is fine. He is scheduled in for a skin graft for his left foot in the next couple of days. They were looking to move Steve back to Basingstoke today which seemed crazy, but due to the skin graft he will stay now at Southampton until that's done. The rubber bands in his mouth are likely to be there for approx 6 weeks which might frustrate him further.
Kev went up to see him as I had to work but he said that despite his immense tiredness (due to sleep deprivation from the sedatives) he is responding more, albeit quite incoherently and with difficulty due to the tracheotomy.  He did manage to give his mum a kiss and asked her to take him home :( she keeps having to remind him where he is as he is really disorientated, that may remain for some time yet.  One funny thing though, Kev said that all of the sisters on the ward were very good looking and at one point Steve opened his eyes, looked at his doctor and said, 'I love you!' before falling back to sleep again - love him!!!

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